No, unfortunately you cannot just list one credit card. All of your debts must be included in your Bankruptcy, even if you intend to pay them.

This means that even if you want to keep and  continue to pay a debt to your car, house, friend, family member or even that one department store card you will need to list those debts in your Bankruptcy. If you do not list everyone you owe money it could be determined that you are committing Bankruptcy fraud.

If your card has a zero balance, then you would not list that card because you do not owe them money. It is possible that that account could remain open after your Bankruptcy.  For those debts that you still owe money to, you could pay them after your Bankruptcy, reaffirm the debt or redeem the debt. However, there are several factors to keep in mind when considering any of these options that are case specific. I urge you to talk an attorney about what option is right for you.

The short answer is, you cannot pick and choose what debts you list in your Bankruptcy. You do have to list everyone, even if you intend to pay them.

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