In order to prepare your Bankruptcy petition there are several documents that I will need. These documents include, but are not limited to:

  1. A copy of your Driver’s License

  2. Copies of social security card

  3. Last two years of your filed Federal and State tax returns

  4. Copies of your last 7 months of paycheck stubs

  5. Copies of your profit & loss statements for businesses

  6. Copies of all sources of income

  7. Most recent bank statements

  8. Most recent copies of mortgage and vehicle loan statement(s)

  9. Most recent credit card statements and/or credit report

  10. Copies of support orders or marital settlement agreements

  11. Most recent statements for retirement accounts, pension, life insurance, annuities or stocks or bonds

You will also have to complete a Pre-Filing Credit Counseling as required by the court. There are several different qualified agencies that provide this service on-line or by telephone. Once you complete the course they will provide you with a credit counseling certificate. I must have this certificate in order to filing your Bankruptcy petition.

Once all of the fees are paid in full and I have all of the documents I require to prepare your petition, then we can prepare your Bankruptcy petition and move on to step three, the filing of your Bankruptcy petition.

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  1. Step One – The Consultation

  2. Step Two – Preparing to File

  3. Step Three – Filing the Bankruptcy

  4. Step Four – Preparing the Chapter 13 Plan

  5. Step Five - The Court Hearing

  6. Step Six – Closing Your Case and Getting a Discharge