My goal as an attorney is to help people. Help people through difficult issues, and help guide people through the legal process. I hope to make the process easier for my clients. I find that people tend to often have similar questions, especially when it comes to the process of Bankruptcy. It seems that all to commonly in this industry clients cannot find the answer to the simple question of what to expect. They are also not usually provide those answers unless they ask, and only after they are at that step in the process of their Bankruptcy are they provided the answer.

So often I am asked by my clients about what to expect in their Bankruptcy. Each case is different with its own set of facts, but there are some things that can be anticipated in most cases. Even so, nothing contained in this website shall be construed as a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. You should talk to an attorney about what to expect in your case.

I briefly discuss the steps of Bankruptcy here. In this post my goal is to go into a little more detail on each of those steps to hopefully make the Bankruptcy process more clear. 

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  1. Step One – The Consultation

  2. Step Two – Preparing to File

  3. Step Three – Filing the Bankruptcy

  4. Step Four – Preparing the Chapter 13 Plan

  5. Step Five - The Court Hearing

  6. Step Six – Closing Your Case and Getting a Discharge